Monday, June 6, 2011

Hey this is Leah!
Today is my 26th birthday and I can't believe that most likely before my next birthday I will be a mother. Adoption has been on my brain so much lately I can't even explain it... An old friend from childhood got in touch with me this week and I have been enjoying reading the journey of their adoption of their daugher Lily from Ethiopia. I was able to get a lot of information about taxes, finances and support from her blog. (Thanks Terra and Sharon)

Well Saturday we had our home study. To get this done we spent like $400 dollars at walmart the night before on fire extinguishers and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. (Yeah I know we should have probably already owned these!)  At the home study, our social worker Kathy, stayed for almost 5 hours. She really didn't look around the house at all our newly acquired detectors as we had suspected. Instead she spent most of the time asking us questions and explaining to us what we could expect when we get Jonah home.

Out of the five hours of talking there is still one thought, one picture I can't get out of my head. She said that when we bring Jonah home that we shouldn't leave him alone in the room, especially at night. She went on to explain that he had probably never been alone in a room before. She also told us that in the orphange, up to 30 babies are usually all in one room with 2 or 3 caregivers. I started to think about this: about babies, all night long, turning in cribs and rolling around, and just constant noise of little ones and never quiet. Two very close friends are having babies next week. They are both due on June 22.. I think about all the joy we have had planning their showers, and how we have watched their bellies grow. I think of how much fun I had when I went to Gradee's house last night and saw how beautiful Teegan's room is and looked through all her beautiful things just waiting on her to wear them. Then I think of Jonah rolling around in his crib in a place where he is never alone and it is never quiet and my heart breaks for him. I wonder how his mother felt with him growing in her belly and how different it was for her than it is for my good friends.

I know Jonah's story will be different than a lot of his friends, and I know that it will be for his ultimate joy and God's glory, but just for tonight I am praying that he is safe, and that some how in all of the noise of that room with all those babies that there would be this silent moment where he knows he is loved already.

The more I think of the adoption of Jonah the more it makes me realize our adoption as children of God. When we get Jonah, it won't be because he was the best baby in the nursery, or because he is the cutest. He won't love us first, because we already love him and he doesn't even know we exist. But for no reason of his own he will be adopted as a son and all the rights of sonship transfered to him. Its not a perfect example, but God has definantly used this experience so far to teach me more about the gospel and how I am like Jonah. I have done nothing to deserve being adopted. This is the gospel and its everywhere and in everything. We just have to let God reveal it to us. Praise God we are adopted as sons and daughters.


  1. Leah, it touches me how beautifully and richly you are feeling this experience. I am so humbled and reassured knowing that you and Cory already love this child with God's heart. You are going to make incredible parents, and I'm so honored that y'all are my family. Seeing the way you guys grow together and toward God is inspiring. -- Jami

  2. I can't put into words how excited I am for you and Cory. You two are truly a gift from God..and Jonah is so blessed! What an awesome family to be adopted into! God Bless both of you and Jonah!

    Fay Brett

  3. Leah and Cory, I am so excited for you both! You are going to make great parents. I can't wait to meet Jonah (as I'm sure you know that feeling times a zillion!) I'm praying for you both as well as little Jonah - I hope he realizes one day how blessed he is already at this point in his life. God bless you both and thanks for the posts/updates! --- Amy Broom

  4. great stuff! thanks for making us aware of how many orphans their are in this world, and how we can make a difference. love you guys and praying for y'all everyday.

    Can't wait to teach Jonah how to play basketball in that driveway! lol