Thursday, November 17, 2011

Home's not home without Jonah...

Well we've been back from Russia for about 15 days. We are waiting on Russia to give us a court date to come back. They are waiting on a paper from us from the FBI saying we're not criminals so that they can set a court date. Unfortunately government agencies aren't really that interested in how much we want them to hurry up and send us this piece of paper. We couldn't get the document earlier because they expire every few months and when we applied for it they sent us only one copy instead of two, and Russia won't translate the document until we can send them both copies. Oh and once we actually get the second copy of the document from the FBI we have to mail it to Washington DC to be apostilled. This will take another 7 days. Needless to say this situation is tough to deal with because all this bureaucracy.
I think about Jonah all the time. I think about how rich my life felt with him in it and how much I just want to see him smile at me. I wonder what he’s doing. I wonder if he is sick and if he is I wonder if someone is holding him like I got to do that day at his orphanage. I wonder how cold it is there and if he is getting to play outside in a puffer suit.
We are starting to fill up our house with things for Jonah. He had a beautiful shower from my coworkers and some friends are giving me a shower this weekend. We bought lots of new picture frames and put Jonah in them all around the house. But even with all the new things in our house, it just isn’t home without Jonah.
Please continue to pray for us. That God would comfort Cory and I. That God would protect Jonah and that so very soon we will be able to be together as a family. Thank you all for all your support. I can’t explain how many people have walked up to me in a store or at school and told me they are reading the blog and praying for us. Thank you all. We love you and can’t wait until we can introduce Jonah to you all.

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  1. Lifting y'all in prayer..we know God's grace is sufficient, although the circumstances can be so very difficult. Today, I went Christmas shopping for a while in the afternoon and got Jonah his Christmas gift!! :) It will be so exciting when we get to meet him!

    Love y'all,
    James and Jeanne