Sunday, January 1, 2012

Court Date!

Well we finally have a court date!!! February 1st we will go to court in Volgograd, Russia. This wonderful news came packaged with some not as good news. As of January 1st Russian laws change and now after our court date we have to wait 30 days for the courts decision to become final instead of ten. This means we will stay in Russia about five days and them come home for about a month before going back to get Jonah. On this trip we will stay about 7 days.

I have told Cory all through the Christmas holidays that the day that I got a court date I would be satisfied but when it came with the additional waiting period I was initially heartbroken until God showed me through some events how sovereign he is. I just want Jonah to be home. The nursery is ready, the car seat put together, the clothes are hung, books sit on his shelves, and the pack-n-play sits in our room. I can't wait for Jonah to be here. I can't believe that in 2012 he will be here. I would say that in 2012 I would become a mother but the truth is that I became Jonah's mom the day I opened his picture for the first time. Since then not an hour goes by that I don't think of him. How could we have known a year ago what all was in store for us?

With new years day being today I can't help but look back and think about this roller coaster we have been on. There have been so many highs and some very low moments but if there is one thing that we have learned its that we are not in control of any of it. God is sovereign. I think in some of the scariest and lowest moments we have been able to really learn to trust him and to really open up our lives and our hearts to let people in for this journey. Thank you so much for reading our blog and following our journey. I keep meeting people I don't even know who tell me that they are praying for us and reading our blog and I am amazed at the way our big God can use anything to bring glory to himself.

Pursing Jonah has taught me more about God, myself, and my husband than anything else I have ever done. I would have never chosen this path for myself, but God led us here. If God is placing adoption on your heart I pray you say yes!

Leaving you guys with a song that I love that's been on my heart for a few days.

Stephen Miller
You are sovereign here

You can make the rain fall on me
Or fly away
You can make the sun shine on me
Or hide for days
You can make the wind cool my face
Or tear apart this place
It doesn't mean You're far away, No

Oh, I trust in You, I trust in You
You are Sovereign here
Oh, I hope in You, I hope in You
You are Sovereign here

You can make the seas calm or rage
And both to praise Your name
You can make the skies fall with flames
To show Your glory
You can break my heart to bring me joy
You can take it all to make me more like You

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  1. This is very exciting news! I know it comes with some hard news, but celebrate the good because after all that's happened you guys know how good and timely this really is. It's no small thing by any stretch, and we're excited with you!

    I feel like I could have written this exact post a few years ago. who knows, maybe I did. We can identify with deferred hope, plans changing constantly, asking and begging God for things that seem to keep getting put off, waiting restlessly for a little person to come home that seems about 6 inches out of your farthest reach. We understand it all.

    God's going to finish this in a way that makes very much of him, and you guys will be overjoyed and humbled by it. Hang in there, and delight in God's faithfulness to us even when we're unfaithful to him. God's redemption is all over this whole story, and he is glorified in it. I'll pray for you guys and for Jonah right now. Let us know if we can do anything, from advice to listening to being excited with you about things other may not understand.