Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 3 in Volgograd....

     Day 3 started off alot like day 2.  I woke up before the sun and could not go back to sleep to save my life.  Unlike day 2, I didn't wake until 4:40 am so it is getting better.  I am shooting for 6 am tomorrow morning.  It's getting colder and colder here.  The days started off at about 31 in the mornings and now they are starting around 25 or so.  Our mornings always start with the same journey, a 15 minute walk to the underground train station, buy train ticket, ride train to next stop, and a 15 minute walk to the orphanage.  It's quite the journey, but one we look forward to making daily.  Actually we make it twice daily!  Most of our days are taken up by walking....come to think of it, that may not be a bad thing for me!  Today was a little different.  When we arrived for first meeting with Jonah, we were told he was sick.  We had seen signs of a cold, snotty nose, watery eyes, cough, but had hoped he would fight through it.  They were just warning us that he was feeling bad.  I was glad, I had worried they would shut down our visits if he got sick.  He was definately feeling bad this morning.  He didn't want to play, he was cranky and fussed and whined most of the visit.  To be honest, I was sort of happy to hear him cry.  He hadn't cried, fussed, or even made much noise since we had been visiting, and I was beginning to wonder if something was wrong with him.  So to hear him cry kind of sent an overwhelming calm over me.  I know it's weird, but that's how it went down. 
     Our second visit was great!  He had just taken a breathing treatment and was feeling great when we arrived!  We walked, played, laughed, we even shot some amazing video of him dancing!  Trust me, it's great video!  Mom, it's in the email!  We were told we would be interviewed by a social worker from the Russian government during this visit, but she didn't show up.  This means that on Monday, our last day to visit, one of our visits will be shared with a social worker and questions about discipline methods and why we want to adopt.  I guess it's just part of the process so it's all good. 
     The longer we are here the harder leaving seems to get.  We leave for Moscow on Monday night to start our medical examinations Tuesday morning.  One very important piece of cargo stays in Volgograd, his name is Jonah.  He must stay here and wait for us to finish the medicals, go back to the US, get our FBI clearance, get our court date in Volgograd, and fly back to make the adoption final.  It will be roughly 1-2 months between when we leave and when we can come back to get him.  Just thinking about it tears my heart out.  I apologized to Leah today and told her that I loved her a whole lot, but I have never loved anything as much as I love Jonah.  She understood and said she felt that way too.  Leaving him on the other side of the world seems like an impossibility, but it is necessary in order to finish the process.  Please be praying for that day.  I try not to think about it, but I know it is coming.  I hope he understands why we have to leave and that we are coming back.  I'm pretty sure he will.  (I may be giving babies a little too much credit here, but who knows!)  Until tomorrow......

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