Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Delays at Volgograd Airport!!

We have about a two hour delay until our flight here in Volgograd airport, so I figured I'd catch you all up with the happenings of the day. We saw Jonah for the last time this morning. He was doing fine and feeling better. We played for about three hours before we had to say goodbye. It was, once again, very hard to say goodbye to him. We did better than last time though. We even made it out with out crying. Leah teared up right as we walked outside, and then thought better of it. She was worried that her eyeballs would freeze if she started crying. ha

We left the hotel to travel to the airport about two hours ago. We arrived at Gumrak airport and found out that our flight will be delayed approximately two hours. This presented a scary situation for us because our translator had to leave. We weren't really sure what to do. We don't know how to check in, how to read the signs, and what happens if, God forbid, the flight gets completeley cancelled? It is the last flight out of Volgograd tonight, and one we need to be on in order to catch our flight from Moscow first thing in the morning. Before our translator left, she showed us how to become members of some club here in the airport what will allow us to wait in a plush lounge with free food and drink until our flight gets here. The employees handle all of your luggage, they check you in for your flight, and deliver your boarding passes to you while you wait on the leather couches. This is a blessing and we are eating it up! Some of the employees in here speak English, so we feel like we are ok.

Sorry this was short, but we I am trying to figure this place out and need to focus on that. I will update once more from Moscow in the morning before we head back to Houston!

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