Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hello Moscow!

Saturday was the day we had all been waiting for. It was finally time to get on an airplane, and fly to Volgograd to take Jonah away from the orphanage he had spent his first 16 months of live living in. We left Houston around 4:40 pm Saturday evening and we just arrived in Moscow a few hours ago. It's like a 13 hour time warp, but it feels like the same day. It is a hard thing to explain unless you have experienced it. We are both really tired, but we have one more flight to catch. We are sitting in a little coffee shop at Domodedovo Airport waiting to board our connecting flight from Moscow to Volgograd. We cannot wait to get into out hotel room and just crash.

Tomorrow is going to be a great day. We will go to the orphanage, meet with Jonah's doctors, then after that, he will be handed over to Leah and I, for good. We will FINALLY be able to leave that place with our son. We have gotten way to familiar with the emotions that accompany leaving him there and flying home. We are ready to experience the emotions that accompany him flying home with us. AFter picking him up, we will fly back to Moscow and spend 4 days at the US embassy doing the necessary paperwork to make Jonah a US citizen. From there it will be a 13 hour flight home with a 16 month old. I'm very interested in how that is going to go.

We will be doing our usual updates daily while we are gone. We will FINALLY be able to post pictures of Jonah to Facebook once we have him in our possession, so be looking out for that. Thanks again for your prayers and we look forward to having so much more to tell you all tomorrow!

PS, if we usually text you while we are here, that probably won't be happening this time. I bought an iPhone 4s and was assured that it would work when we got over here. Well, it isn't. Looks like it will be an email exclusive trip. Just FYI......Later


  1. I can't express how excited I am for you and your wife. Everytime I read your updates I get emotional so I can't imagine being in your shoes. But I wanted to tell you my husband works out of the Country and we have IPhones. Download manic jack and you can text and call to home without any extra charge. You three have a safe flight home.

  2. My iPhone texts from Ethiopia were about $0.50 each. Wasn't bad...if you get the chance it is worth it :) Then again it's nice b/c you can text to FB and kill 50 birds with one stone. Have fun flying back. Lily was "14 months" when we flew back with her (18 hour trip, up for 24 hours in airports and such) and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. BEG to get the bulkhead seating and bassinet if at alllll possible.