Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fussy Baby!

As I mentioned yesterday, we have a little boy who is smack in the middle of cutting his back molars. This is a very uncomfortable process for babies and Jonah has made sure to let us know that he has not been happy about it. He goes from being very happy and playful, to throwing himself down on the ground and banging his head on the floor, or the wall, or the chair. Anything that is available to bang against, he does it. I read online that this is a common thing for teething babies so we are not as worried about it as we were yesterday. We just try to keep rotating baby tylenol and ibuprofen and hope that it helps his pain. It seems to do a good job, we just cannot afford to skip a dose! He loves his medicines. They smell and taste like cotton candy and he will jump up and down when he sees me grab the bottles! He has done remarkably well for a 16 month old who is teething, and was taken away from everyone and everything he knows only 3 days ago, and left with two people he has only seen twice in the last 5 months. I have to admit, even at 29, if this happened to me, I wouldn't take it as well as he has. We can deal with a little fussiness.

Last night, we got Jonah to sleep about 9:30, so we both climbed into bed on either side of him and did our best to fall asleep. I was awakened at about 12:30 by the sound of a Leah rocking Jonah back to sleep. I asked her what happened and she told me that I was snoring and woke him up. When I fly, my sinuses tend to get pretty dry, and snoring is one of the things that comes of that. I can usually control it with medicine, but I didn't take it last night. We tried several more times to sleep, but I kept snoring. We finally decided that I couldn't sleep in the bed with them. I took my blanket and pillow and locked myself in the bathroom and slept on the floor. The bathroom in our hotel is rather small, so I was curled up on the floor, half of me under the sink, and my legs hanging in to the bath tub, just so Jonah and Leah could sleep. It was pretty intense, and I am payed for it this morning. I am hoping that we don't have that problem again tonight because I am not sure I can handle another night on the floor.

I have been amazed at how amazingly good Leah is with Jonah. He and I are getting along great, but their relationship is growing stronger and stronger by the day. I was told that he wouldn't bond with me as quickly due to the fact that i am a man, and that's ok, but I can definately see where he and Leah are bonding. She is so good with him. If she leaves the room, he will walk around whining until she gets back. I make her come down to the bar every morning, order a cappucino, and play on the internet. It's important that she has at least an hour a day to herself in order to stay sane! He and I play really well when she is gone, but as soon as she crosses the doorway, he smiles from ear to ear and runs over to greet her. It's really quite amazing. I mentioned in a blog that I wrote in October that I had to apologize to her for loving Jonah more than I loved her. That's not true anymore. Seeing him with her has made me fall even more in love with Leah. Something about seeing them together, and getting along so well, makes me feel like the luckiest man in the world. I have been truly blessed with a great wife.

Well, that's about all I have for today. We are really doing nothing. We waited all day today for some paperwork, and will wait all day tomorrow for some more. Then we will be flying out on Saturday. It's getting very close. We are super excited and cannot wait to get home with our son, and see Romo and Sophie! I'll blog once more tomorrow before we head out. Until then....

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  1. Soak a cottonball in Benadryl, then rub on Jonah's gums. That will numb his gums. Then let him suck on the cottonball and that will dry up his nose (if it is runny) and help him get some sleep. This was recommended to me by Rhett's pediatrician when he was a baby. It always worked for me! Good luck! You both sound like awesome parents. Love to all<3