Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Will I ever sleep again?

This is the question we have been asking since landing in Volgograd on Sunday. We arrived in Volgograd about 9:30 Sunday night, very jetlagged, very much looking forward to a good nights sleep in our hotel before picking up Jonah. That night of sleep didn't come. We were so excited about picking him up, that we both found ourselves up at 4 am staring at the ceiling, begging the time to evaporate so we could finish what we started almost 1 year ago. We were allowed to go to the orphanage at 9 am on Monday morning to get Jonah. We were expecting a whole bunch of legality, but they informed us that the orphanage was having an inspection that morning and we needed to get him quickly and get out. The Russians don't mince words. They had something to do and we were going to be in their way. Take your boy and go! haha. He had been moved to a new care room so we had to go there to get him. When we walked in, he immediately recognized Leah. His eyes were fixed and his hands were extended! It was as if he knew, all along, that on this day we would get him! He was so excited. Our translator and lawyer were astonished at the way he recognized Leah. They said they had been doing adoptions for years and had never seen a baby react like that to leaving. Usually they are unsure of what is to come, Jonah was sure he didn't want to stay! We handed them the clothes we had brought for him, and after he changed, he was handed over to us. We stopped by the social workers office to sign a few papers and to get his Russian insurance card, stopped by and let him say goodbye to the ladies in his original room, took some pictures, then we were off to begin our life together!

The afternoon was great. Our flight didn't leave until 9:05 pm so we had all day to stay at the hotel and play. He did really well. He explored a lot, he played with the toys we brought, and we all took a nap together. It was great. Around dinner time, we decided to try our luck and see how he would do at Grand Cafe. We walked over there, and he ate an order of mashed potatoes. He didn't cry, fuss or anything. He just sat there in Leah's lap, ate, and hung out while she ate. After that, we met with our lawyer and translator one last time, then it was off to Moscow to spend the rest of our trip. I was really worried how Jonah would do on the flight, but he did wonderful. He fell asleep about 10 minutes after takeoff and slept all the way to the hotel in Moscow. We got to Moscow about 1:30 am this morning, and as soon as we got ready for bed, he woke up. We were up with him most of the night. (I might of slept a little while Leah was up, you'll have to ask her!)

Our guide in Moscow showed up at 8 this morning and took us to a local clinic to have Jonah assessed by an American Embassy approved doctor. He checked out fine. The doctor told us that he was small, but that was typical for orphanage babies and it was nothing to worry about. The doctor also told us that the ladies would really like him because of his smile. He is quite the charmer. He has this little smile he will flash, when he is up to something, that just melts your heart. He loves pretty ladies! Russia is full of beautiful women and he will just watch them, and smile, and ask them to pick him up! He's not very bashful.

All in all, things have gone great so far. We are so thankful for all of the support from each of you. It has been a very tough process, but it's over. We will spend the rest of the week getting his US citizenship, then it will be off to Hull, Texas on Saturday. I cannot wait for that day. I promise you guys that I will blog every day. We have no wifi in our room, so I am having to sit in the lobby to post this. It's difficult to find time each day to come down here, but I will make it happen. You guys have prayed for us and supported us, so we feel it's important to see this blogging process through. I will also be posting pictures to facebook each day when I come down to blog. Once again, we appreciate the prayers and thoughts. Until next time.

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